Glossy Piano Black & Aqua <br>Blue Lighting Touch Sensor

Glossy Piano Black & Aqua
Blue Lighting Touch Sensor

Immerse yourself in powerful sound with LG
Audio Systems. From compact systems designed
to fit a smaller rooms, to state-of-the-art home
theater setups with incredibly realistic surround

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CD Players

Set the perfect mood. With a state-of-the-art CD player from LG, you can listen to your favourite tunes, record music and more. Learn More

Discover just a few of our CD players’ innovative features, such as:

3-Way Parabola Speaker: These innovative speakers distribute sound from three sides, surrounding you with rich, textural tones – as though you’re at a concert.

USB Plus: Available on select CD players, the USB Plus function allows you to play JPEG, MP3, WMA and DivX video through the USB 2.0 Memory slot.

Auto Equalizer: The Auto Equalizer function finds the correct preset sound mode automatically by referring the sound data – ensuring that what you hear is perfectly balanced and sounds as it should.

Portability: With a portable CD player, you can take your favourite tunes virtually anywhere – from room to room, the park or beach, and even camping.

Flexibility: When you choose a CD cassette player from LG, you can not only listen to CDs and play cassettes, but tune into FM stations, too.

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