LG G Flex


  • Shape your experience
    Now It’s All Possible

    Curve is the natural shape of the world around you, and now
    it is redefining the shape of a smartphone.
  • Innovatived
    Curved Design

    LG G Flex Fits the contour of your eyes,
    the palm of your hand, and the form
    of your silhouette.
  • Immersive
    Curved Display

    The curved display provides
    an immersive viewing experience.
  • Intuitive
    Curved Experience

    shape your experience with the curve.


  • Ergonomic
    Curved Design
    In portrait orientation, LG G Flex follows the curvature
    of your face, enhancing voice quality by reducing
    the gap between the mic and your mouth. And, when
    held in the landscape position, it is the perfect platform
    for watching movies or playing games.
  • Intuitive Rear Key
    The LG G Flex’s rear key is cleverly placed directly under the
    index fi nger when held in-hand making it easy to use with
    convenient shortcuts and volume control.