LG G Flex


  • Shape your experience
    Now It’s All Possible

    Curve is the natural shape of the world around you, and now
    it is redefining the shape of a smartphone.
  • Innovatived
    Curved Design

    LG G Flex Fits the contour of your eyes,
    the palm of your hand, and the form
    of your silhouette.
  • Immersive
    Curved Display

    The curved display provides
    an immersive viewing experience.
  • Intuitive
    Curved Experience

    shape your experience with the curve.


  • Swing
    Lock Screen
    The user interface strikes a balance between art and function
    providing ethereal on-device experiences with a 180° ever-
    changing lock screen and fluid unlock effects with contextual
  • Dual Window
    Dual Window divides the screen into two panels, giving you a
    comprehensive view of each for easy multitasking on the wide
  • QuickTheater
    QuickTheater gives you direct access to a world of entertainment. Just hold LG G Flex horizontally and use two
    thumbs to pull the screen open, bringing photo, video, and YouTube icons into focus.
  • Answer Me
    Answer calls with the motion of taking phone to the
    ear. Ringtone gets quieter when picked up, and
    answer by taking the phone to the ear.
  • KnockOn
    A simple knocking gesture is all it takes to wake LG
    G Flex’s display without picking it up or pressing the
    power key. It senses the gesture and turns the
    display on or off automatically.
  • Slide Aside
    Switch between any three different apps at once by sliding the
    screen left or right with three fingers, so you can juggle more
    tasks simultaneously on the big screen.