LG HOM-BOT Square ranked No1 by European Consumer Organizations

  • Updated
  • 02-18-2014

LG Electronics (LG) announced that its square-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner, the HOM-BOT SQUARE, has been ranked number one by the Netherlands’ Consumer Association in its monthly buying guide, Consumentengids. Influential consumer-focused magazines including Sweden’s Råd & Rön and France’s Que Choisir have also called LG’s advanced product the best in its category. Proving extremely popular with consumers throughout Europe, LG is excited to be able to offer the product to consumers in the Middle East. The compact device continues to receive praise for its powerful pick-up performance, ability to reach the tightest corners and quiet performance.

LG HOM-BOT Square ranked No1 by European Consumer Organizations 

“To have the LG HOM-BOT SQUARE recognized in Europe, where consumers demand the very best, is extremely meaningful to LG and we’re excited to roll out these innovative products through the GCC region,” Mr. D.Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE. “We put a great deal of thought into the technologies, features and design of our home appliances in order to maximize user benefit – the HOM-BOT SQUARE is no exception to this practice. Through new, effective, vacuum cleaning products, we will continue to build upon our growing success in the Middle East and around the globe.”

In the January issue of Consumentengids, the Consumer Association of the Netherlands’ product guide, LG’s VHOMBOT 3 CORNER MASTER was rated the best robotic vacuum available. The publication commended the HOM-BOT’s unique square-shaped design as well as its corner and wall cleaning prowess. In Råd & Rön, Sweden’s highly respected consumer magazine, ranked LG’s VR6270LVMB HOM-BOT SQUARE  ranked number one out of 15 robotic vacuum cleaners. The HOM-BOT SQUARE got the highest scores in the test for its dust suction capabilities and near-silent operation. The magazine also praised LG’s model for its abilities to handle corners. In December last year, Que Choisir, a publication released by France’s Consumer Federation, called the LG VR1227R Hom-Bot 3.0 Square Corner Master “top of the range” citing many of the same points mentioned above and its ability to accurately detect and avoid obstacles.

Equipped with Corner Master and Dual Eye 2.0™ camera sensors which scan the floors and ceiling, LG’s HOM-BOT SQUARE cleans corners much more efficiently and thoroughly. Moreover, Turbo Mode allows users to set cleaning functions according to the type of flooring, helping produce more powerful cleaning results.

With its unconventional square-shaped design, LG’s robotic vacuum cleaner has received a lot of global recognition and sought-after accolades, including an iF Design Award and the Good Design seal. The Hom-Bot is currently available at local GCC retailers.