LGs Signage partnership with RMG on Display at This Year Gitex

  • Updated
  • 10-24-2013

GITEX has branched out as a way to not only showcase new products, but to proudly display a partnership that promises to impact businesses across many sectors. During this year’s event, LG Electronics (LG) and RMG Networks (RMG) cemented their position as leaders of Digital Signage by partnering to deliver customized signage solutions across the region.


LG has been renowned for providing leading products for Digital Displays and Signage, researching and building units that can deliver a myriad of messages in a clear and creative way. RMG, the world’s largest publically traded provider of premier visual communication solutions, combines a portfolio of innovative hardware and software components with a range of award-winning services to prepare and deliver those messages in a timely, targeted and influential manner. Both companies teamed up to create an interactive booth at GITEX where visitors could engage with the displays and learn more about how LG and RMG are revolutionizing Digital Signage.

“LG Electronics is proud to partner with RMG, and knows that their intelligent solutions are the perfect corporation for LG’s Displays. Our technology makes sure that the image you have in mind is the same image that is delivered to your customers. Our new partnerships helps ensure that smooth transition” said Mr. D.Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics, Gulf FZE. “Showcasing our solutions at GITEX is a great opportunity for businesses to see how we are putting customers’ needs first by working with other innovative companies to make sure our customers get more than what they expect, with the best service possible. Our digital signage range delivers a compelling line-up that is sure to attract attention both in and outside of GITEX” added Mr. D. Y. Kim.

As part of the partnership, RMG is one of the official distributors for B2B digital signage solutions across the UAE market thus leading to an expected sales growth of 20% within Digital Signage sales. Operating within the GCC region for the past year, RMG is excited to extend its customer base within the UAE. Current projects that the company has worked on in partnership with LG include the Abu Dhabi Police Department, where a six- video screen wall was installed. Other business sectors taking advantage of this new signage collaboration include retail, education, financial institutions and hospitality sectors.

One of the breakout products that many companies are utilizing is the 55- inch Super Narrow Bezel Display (55WV70). This display has one of the narrowest bezels at 5.3mm allowing the public to see more and making this screen ideal for those who want a multi-screen layout.

RMG has also worked extensively with the new IPS “superb picture quality” monitors. These screens utilize various features such as the No Blackening Defect – a screen enhancement that limits the effect of light and heat on a screen.

LG’s Signage products also include True Wide – which ensures there are no color changes or distortions as a person changes their viewing angle. Finally the screens include the Stable Panel which means that people or objects can continually touch the display without having to worry about leaving a mark. The 2013 line-up also has low power consumption due to LG’s energy saving design and incorporates Shine Out which gives a clear picture even if there is direct sunlight on the display unit.