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The LG Care and Delight Moving Service Center – now in your city!

  • Last Updated 10/07/2013

The LG Care & Delight Moving Service Center - A service center that comes to you when you can't come to it!

With the LG Care & Delight Moving Service Center, you can now avail our excellent service at many convenient, easy-to-access locations. The Moving Service Center provides service for various LG products and makes stops at many convenient locations around the city. It also features "Experience Zones", fitted with many of LG's latest and greatest products that you can explore.

This service is available in Oman and Qatar.To visit the LG Care & Delight Moving Service Center, simply contact us on the numbers below and find out where and when it will be at a location near you.

Oman: 800-75545

Qatar: 800-0054