Multi Function Oven with Large Usable Space

Multi Function Oven
with Large Usable Space

Now it's time you should compare your
conventional oven with new LG SolarDOM
Lightwave oven.

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Wavedom Microwaves

Revolutionise the way you cook. With WaveDOM microwaves from LG, you can heat dishes, crisp food and cook with unprecedented speed. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make WaveDOM microwaves must-have kitchen appliances:

Round Cavities: LG WaveDOM microwave ovens feature round cavities that are 60% bigger inside than our conventional Intellowave microwaves. And because of their unique shape – with no corners – they’re easier to clean than conventional microwaves, too.

Speed Cook: Reduce cooking time by 30%, while keeping food crisp on the outside and moist and tender on the inside.

Quartz Grill: Available on select WaveDOM microwave ovens, this feature allows you to grill meats and vegetables directly in your microwave.

Auto Cooking: Just like some of our Intellowave microwaves, WaveDOM microwaves allow you to cook your favourite foods with just the touch of a button. From meats and vegetables to breads and liquids, with one-touch cooking, you easily set the timer – even when your hands are full.

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