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Android Phones

Meet the latest LG Android phones and find your new personal assistant. Whether you’re entertaining the kids, finding directions or reviewing a work presentation, Android phones offer time-saving features that make your life easier every day. Learn More

Explore the power of an Android phone and see the features found on select models:

Android™ 2.1 and Android™ 2.2: Provides easy integration with all Google™ apps, favourites and widgets. Some LG Android phones offer an easy upgrade to the 2.3 platform.

Android™ 2.2 (Froyo): A supercharged Android phone, this smartphone launches all your applications quickly and enables them to work seamlessly.

Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread): With or without hotspot capabilities, Android phones on the 2.3 platform make mobile life easy with efficient navigation, intuitive function, complete customization, and more.

Android Market™: Available on all LG Android phones, the Android Market™ provides easy integration with Google™ apps and widgets, and allows you to browse thousands of additional apps – from games and books to cameras and coupons.

Google Maps Navigation: Choose LG Android phones that offer spoken turn-by-turn directions showing real time traffic and 360º views of the destination.

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