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People at LG

LG's "Right People" are those capable of being active players on the global stage. Listen to what they have to say.


Bianca Lee-Chang

LGEEH, European Marketing Comm. Group



I am a European PR Specialist, working at LG's European Headquarters. I coordinate PR activities and provide support and strategic operation plans to PR Managers in 14 different countries?seeing first hand how LG demonstrates great innovation and growth throughout the world.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: My name is Bianca Lee-Chang. I am a European PR Specialist and work at LG's European Headquarters, based in the UK.

Q: Would you please describe your job?

A: My role involves coordinating PR activities across our 14 European subsidiaries, providing support and strategic operation plans to all local PR Managers.

Q: Please tell us about the subsidiary you're affiliated with.

A: I work with all four of LG's product divisions, and am based in the European Headquarters because it's the umbrella organization for all 14 European offices.

Q: What were the primary reasons for selecting LG Electronics as your company of choice?

A: I was attracted to LG because it's a developing company that has grown a great deal over the past five years?and continues to show great innovation and growth throughout the world.

Q: During your time at LG Electronics, what has been most rewarding?

A: I have only been at LG for three months so far, so I haven't got my teeth into any big projects yet. I'm sure this will change over the coming months, though.

Q: Can you share your vision and future goals, as they relate to your work at LGE?

A: As part of the European Marketing Team, my primary goal is to build a strong marketing network across Europe, in order to elicit greater synergy and impact through our PR activities and marketing output as a whole.