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Below you'll find answers to an array of frequently asked about LG Electronics'job application process.

What are some of the benefits of joining LG Electronics?

LG Electronics is a Africa corporation that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Joining our company offers you great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Also, as the company grows, you will also be encouraged to further develop and enhance your own skills. Various incentives are offered according to individual performance results, thereby motivating employees in their work.

How is the Africa recruitment process being conducted?

LG Electronics uses the same recruitment process in all its offices around the world. Applicants should first consult one of our recruitment advertisements or find us on the Web. Follow indicated submission instructions to ensure your application will be received by our Human Resources Department. Once received, we review all application materials and decide whether an interview is needed. Depending on the country, an aptitude test or other form of evaluation may also be part of the application process.

What kind of characteristics is LG Electronics looking for when adding to its pool of talented individuals?

LG Electronics is always looking for the "Right People" to join its ranks. Those who are passionate about their work, committed and determined, and who display exceptional professionalism in everything they do.

More specifically, the "Right People" are those able to align their vision with that of LG Electronics’ key philosophies and practices. The kind of men and women capable of playing a central role in the future development of the company as it continues to reach new heights in markets around the world.

What support does the company provide to actively encourage self-development among its staff?

LG Electronics provides a variety of self-development opportunities in accordance with its human resources system.

The company offers diverse in-house, online, and offline educational courses to support the self-development of employees. Each employee is required, by internal regulation, to amass more than 40 class-hours a year.

Employees who stand out in evaluations may be offered the chance to enroll in external diploma programs, courses of MBA study, or take part in other development opportunities.

How many people are hired by LG Electronics every year?

LG Electronics employs roughly 82,000 employees across its Africa operations. The company hires approximately 6,000 new employees a year? contributing, as such, to the regional economic development of locations around the world.

What are the performance-based incentives?

LG Electronics offers immediate and differentiated incentives to its employees through various incentive schemes. We offer occasional incentives according to individual employees' abilities and contribution to the company, as well as a yearly bonus as a kind of reward for helping the company to achieve its goals.

If I forget my password after posting my job application, what should I do?

You can use the Password Confirmation function within the Career Menu to retrieve your password.

After submitting my application, how long will it take to get feedback from the company?

After submitting your application, you will normally receive a reply from us within a month, although this may differ depending on the region.

How will I know that my application has been received by your company?

When you submit an application online, you will see an Acknowledgement of Receipt message on the screen. You can also check on the status of your application anytime, by checking the My Status link our homepage.