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IT Accessories

With innovative computer accessories like the world’s first Scanner Mouse, LG is changing the way you live. Feast your eyes on the remarkable features and real-time capabilities.

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Computer Accessories

There are countless moments in everyday life where you wish you had a portable scanner at hand. With the LG Scanner Mouse, one drag is all it takes to complete your scanning. Learn more about these innovative IT accessories. Learn More

LG offers the ultimate in computer accessories, like the portable Scanner Mouse featuring:

Real-Time Sharing. With this smart portable scanner device, you can send your scanned files as emails, SNS (via Facebook, Twitter etc.) and via SmartPhones.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The OCR function on the Scanner Mouse means that you no longer have to re-type text in order to edit it; just scan it with the LG Scanner Mouse and save it as an editable file, i.e. Microsoft Word.

Portability. The LG Scanner Mouse will fit perfectly on your desk or in your laptop bag. From the offices of global companies to daily life, these innovative IT accessories will transform scanning into a much easier and more convenient task.

Scanning of Multiple Sizes. You can scan any size up to an A3 or just scan a small area on a large sheet of paper.

Ease of use: The Drag function the LG Scanner Mouse is so easy to use. You just drag it across the paper you want to scan and you can see the result on the screen immediately.

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