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Jeong-do Management

LG Electronics' 'Jeong-do Management' embodies our high ethical standards and doing business in a transparent and honest manner.

LG Way

"Jeong-do Management" – is LG's unique application of ethics. LG will succeed through fair management practices and constantly developing our business skills.

Code of Ethics

It is the intention of LG, as set forth in the management charter, to spread the management philosophies of "creating value for customers" and "respect based management" allowing for more responsible and open management. LG continues to develop as the global leading company through seeking greater public benefits founded in cooperation, mutual trust, and respect for the free market economy. For this reason all LG employees promise to act uprightly and make value judgments in accordance with the code of ethics.

Code of Conduct

LG Electronics is committed to "winning by the rules". We regard sound and transparent management practices as the foundation to achieving individual success and global competitiveness. Throughout our global operations, LG Electronics pledges to comply with local laws and regulations, compete fairly, and uphold the highest standards of business conduct. The LG Electronics Code of Conduct sets forth clear standards for legal and regulatory compliance all employees should live by in order to realize the principles provided in the LG Code of Ethics.

Ethics Hotline

Have you witnessed unethical or illegal behavior at LG? 
Use the Ethics hotline to confidently report conduct that does not match LG's high ethical standards.

Ethics Hotline