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LG's innovative video walls provide an incredible
visual experience for anyone who comes across the display.

Seeing is believing...

Seeing is believing...

With LG commercial Display products, you're one step ahead of the game.

Digital Signage

The LG EzSign TV is an innovation in digital signage that can entertain while maximizing the impact of your message. To create your own content, use LG’s free EzSign software for PCs, then transfer it to your digital sign via a USB flash drive. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make LG digital signs multi-functional options for customer communication:

Deep, Vibrant Colours: Our award-winning LCD and plasma displays are colourful, engaging and easily seen. Designed to show rich hues of every shade, LG digital signage is easily seen from great distances.

Wide Range of Sizes: Available with screens sized for lobbies, meeting rooms, stadiums and a range of spaces in between, LG offers innovative digital signs for businesses of every size.

Expert Service: When you choose LG digital signage, you’ll also enjoy access to a full team of LG experts who understand what makes each industry unique – and how our products can best serve your needs.

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