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More Space,
More Freshness

With LG Double door refrigerator,
your stuffs gets even coolness, fresher
fruits and vegetables for a longer
period, bacteria free on the door seal
and frost free in the refrigerator.

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Double Door Refrigerators

From double door fridges with all the latest features, to fridges you can configure to fit your space, you’ll find something stylish for your home. Find LG double door refrigerators with the newest technology and the most innovative designs. Learn More

You’ll find many LG double door refrigerators to choose from, with a variety of different side by side fridge features, including:

Multi-Air Flow Cooling Technology: This cooling system ensures even temperature throughout the refrigerator by circulating air through multiple vents.

LED Lighting: LED lighting on double door refrigerators not only helps save energy, it’s more durable than a conventional lamps. Also LEDs are extremely suitable for devices with on-off function, and they emit less heat, keeping temperatures cooler.

Reversible Door: With a reversible door on your side by side fridge, you can configure your space any way you need it.

Water Dispenser: Enjoy the convenience of fresh water without opening the refrigerator. This also helps minimise the loss of cool air.

4 Sensors: 4 digital sensors increase the efficiency of the double door fridge by keeping a track of temperature and alarming you if the door is left open.

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