• 9.1 Speakers
  • Upright 3D Speakers
  • 360° Reflector
  • Sound Field Expansion



9.1 Speakersicon

4 units of Upright 3D Speakers have been added to conventional 5.1ch home theater system to complete an all-around 9.1 Speaker system. By cascading sound through out 9.1 speakers, the HX906TX delivers optimized, multi-directional sound closest to the acoustics of a concert hall or movie theater. Get fully embraced by the true 360° 3D sound coming from all around you.

Upright 3D Speakersicon

Upright 3D Speakers placed on top of 4 tallboys pump sound upward, expanding the sound field vertically to create a new dimension in sound. It has sound showering down effect on the listener, delivering more enhanced, multi-dimensional 3D sound experience.

360° Reflectoricon

The 360º Reflector inside the Upright 3D Speaker reflects sound to ceiling in all directions to further saturate the room with high density of sound, reproducing concert-hall like sound acoustics in your livingroom.

Sound Field Expansionicon

LG's own Sound Field Expansion technology expands the horizontal sound field centering around the listener. It works in harmony with the Upright 3D Speakers to create a 360º 3D sound experience just like in theaters, letting you enjoy truly immersive 3D sound anywhere in the room.

3D Sound Analyzericon

3D Sound Analyzer, LG's unique sound calibration algorithm, brings even the smallest detail in sound to life. It reinforces sound expression of a movie or music by analyzing complex layers of original sound source, thereby delivering the most realistic 3D sound audio.

Minimal Modern Design with Cubic 3D Speakers

The HX906TX's cubic, slim-line design combines a metallic silver hairline with a glosy texture to create a unit that complements any living room interior.

LG Smart TVicon

Experience a multitude of popular streaming entertainment and Apps with LG Smart TV functions. With LG Apps and Premium Content, enjoy a full range of quality lifestyle applications, interactive games, and VOD services designed for individual and family entertainment.

Full HD 3D Blu-ray™ Playbackicon

Capture all excitement of the 3D cinema in the comfort of your own livingroom as you immerse yourself in life-like 3D sound and picture.

Wi-Fi Direct™icon

Wi-Fi Direct allows wireless file sharing among digital devices without the wireless hotspot. Now you can stream your PC and smart phone content directly to your TV and the HX906TX.

LG Remote via Smartphoneicon

Your smartphone becomes a versatile remote control! Just download the LG Remote application for an Android or iPhone device and enjoy full control of your Home Theater.

Music ID by Gracenoteicon

Get information about the music from the movie you're watching. The LG 3D Blu-ray™ Home Theater provides full access to exclusive Gracenote services, allowing you to obtain information about the artist, song and album titles!

iPhone/iPod Playback & Rechargeicon

Simply cradle and enjoy. By connecting your iPod or iPhone to the main unit via a cradle, you can enjoy your own music collection in ultra rich sound while recharging your portable devices at the same time.

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Immerse yourself in a new level of sound with the LG CINEMA 3D SOUND Blu-ray™ Home Theater.The new 9.1 speaker system, complete with 4 units of Upright 3D Speakers, can now fill your entertainment experience with sound from top to bottom, as well as all around.The 360º Reflector inside the Upright 3D Speakers sends sound to every angle, while LG’s own Sound Field Expansion technology and 3D Sound Analyzer creates a richer and fuller 3D sound.Now experience true 360° sound as it’s meant to be with Cinema 3D Sound.

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