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The Smartest mode of control
and customization for interactive Hotel TV

Business meets pleasure

LG provides hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment as well as interactive hotel TVs that allow guests to watch movies on demand, check email, surf the web and more.

Hotel TVs

LG provides hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance the guest experience. With hotel TVs from LG, you can provide the latest in in-room entertainment, including access to on-demand movies, email, online content and more. Learn More

Whether you’re looking for hotel televisions or creating a directional billboard at your office, LG offers a wide range of hotel TVs with industry-leading features, such as:

Hospitality-specific Functions: With public display settings, USB cloning capability and an RS-232C port, LG hotel TVs can help reduce installation time and maintenance costs.

Welcome Screen: With a fully customisable welcome screen, you can display your logo, provide a greeting for guests or develop a static TV billboard or advertising message that’s displayed upon start up.

Extra Connectivity: By providing additional connectivity options, such as IR out, RJP interface, multi IR code and USB cloning, LG hotel televisions allow you to create rich, unique experiences for clients and guests.

A Variety of Screen Sizes: With a wide range of screen sizes, LG offers industry-leading hotel televisions that are sized appropriately for an array of spaces, including lobbies, hotel rooms, meeting rooms and more.

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