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Always versatile and stylish, LG Microwave ovens give you more reasons to use your microwave, with innovative features keeping you agog.

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LG microwave oven technology is designed to make life good. See the latest innovations in microwave ovens, including Lightwave Technology, DuoChef and more. Learn More

Discover the ultimate in LG microwave ovens, including:

Lightwave Technology: This multi-heating system is designed to cook healthier, tastier, gourmet-standard food in a microwave oven with the minimum of fuss, by letting food retain its natural flavors and goodness.

Steam Cooking: For a healthier option, our steam microwaves combine the speed and power of microwave cooking with the health benefits of steam cooking. Steam penetrates deeper into your food, removing excess fat and locking in more healthy nutrients.

DuoChef: Dual convection, together with multi-level cooking capabilities, means that this twin-fan technology for the microwave oven offers better, more evenly cooked food that’s ready in less time. The DuoChef can also defrost food without leaving hotspots.

LG’s SolarDOM: This microwave oven cooks up to three-times faster than conventional ovens. The SolarDOM is the world first countertop light-wave oven to combine conventional oven and microwave oven technologies and offer top notch performance and design.

Auto Cook, Grill, Defrost and Heat Programmes: Prepare your favourite food easily by selecting style of cooking and food type and entering the weight of the food.

Child Lock: Provides extra security to prevent little fingers from interfering with the programming of the microwave oven.

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