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LG Minibeam


It's All Possible.

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Enjoy the real 3D World

Discover innovative LG Projectors ranging from Full HD to 3D from the stables of LG Electronics anywhere, anytime.

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Set the stage for success with an LG projector. Our projectors offer cutting-edge solutions to boost colour intensity and provide the sharpest images. Take your home or office to the next level with an LG projector. Learn More

Find LG projectors with all the latest features, including:

Super Long Lasting LED Lamp: Unlike conventional lamp-based projectors, LG LED projector lamps can last up to 30,000 hours. Using your projector 4 hours a day, every day, this would last over 20 years.

LED-Digital Based Light Source: With this cutting-edge projector technology, you get a wider colour range and deeper colour saturation than traditional lamps. Its ultra-fast, pulsing LED-light eliminates motion blur and colour break-up.

Quick Power On/Off: Save time when you choose LG projectors with rapid start-up and shut-down times.

LG Brilliant Colour™ Technology: Enjoy increased brightness for non-primary colours and boost overall intensity by amplifying mid-tones with LG Brilliant Colour™ projectors.

5 Segment Colour Wheel: With LG's colour breakdown, hues are more advanced than colour wheels on a conventional projector.

Portability: LG offers an array of compact, lightweight portable projectors you can take anywhere, for travel, or around the office.

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