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Powerful Cooling for health and Comfort

LG TITAN Plasma Air Conditioner


  • 14FPI
  • Gold Fin™ Anti Corrosion
  • AVS (Automatic Voltage Switcher)
  • Triple Filter


Powerful Cooling

LG TITAN blows air up to 10 meters away with its powerful compressor, bigger air capacity and high tech fan. This means that cooling is fast and powerful, allowing you to feel comfortable sooner, as the cool air reaches you.

Tropical Compressor

TITAN uses a Tropical Compressor, which enables powerful cooling with reliable operation. It has newly designed motor and resonator for strong performance in extreme hot conditions up to 60 degrees.

Virus & Allergy Safe Filter

Dust floating in the air is sucked into the air conditioner and caught in the air filter. Filter consists of enzyme that breaks down allergen, apatite, and organic/inorganic binder that attaches the enzyme to the filter. When the air passes the filter, allergen clings to the filter and like tiny pairs of scissors the enzymes cut allergen's protein to deactivate the allergen.

Plasma Filter

Tiny dust is burned and eliminated when it is captured by electric field. The plasma air purifying system was initially developed by LG not only reduction of microscopic contaminants and dust, but also removal of house mites, micro dust and pet fur in order to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

Triple Filter

The triple filter consists of three specialized filters to reduce the symptoms associated with various organic compounds including formaldehyde. It also has the ability to remove unpleasant odors creating a more comfortable environment.

AVS (Automatic Voltage Switcher)

AVS (Automatic Voltage Switcher) protects the AC to last long for a long period of time, thereby disengaging inappropriate or bad voltage from entering into the AC which might damage it. Therefore, when voltage supply is too low or too high, the AC trips off thereby shutting down only the outdoor unit from operating and keeping the indoor unit with continous airblow with the help of the fan only. Hence, your AC becomes more durable.

Gold Fin™ Anti Corrosion

LG’s Outdoor Heat Exchanger is coated with a gold-colored anti-corrosion epoxy treatment on the alluminium coil to prevent corrosion. This maintains excellent heat transfer propoerties of the coil for an extended time.


TITAN has a 14 FPI (low density 14 fins per inch) outdoor unit that protects the air conditioning unit from dust particles even in the desert areas.

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LG Air Conditioners provide fast and powerful cooling in your place. Enjoy the wind blast that reaches up to 10 meters, Powerful cooling, and 4-way swing, allowing you to feel comfortable sooner.

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