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When LG PRIME UHD TV portrays nature,
each scene becomes a splendid wonder to behold.
The full color range along with 4K resolution
brings every color and detail to life.
Turn on LG PRIME UHD TV to witness the true nature
at its finest. What you see will be just fascinating.

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Escape into an unseen world you never knew existed.
Explore new depth in resolution and detail for a viewing
experience unlike any other. Join LG ULTRA HD TV 4K,
there's more to see.

It's All Possible.

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Smart. Inspired by you.

Access a world of unlimited entertainment
effortlessly and quickly by simplifying the way you control.
Control smart. Be smarter.



8.3 million pixels deliver 4 times the resolution of Full HD.
Combine this with powerful sound, and you have the
most realistic viewing experience ever.Only the best create the first.

It's All Possible.

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TV/Home Entertainment

Welcome to the world of LG home entertainment. Add dimension to your room with 3D cinema, experience smart TVs, marvel at Blu-ray and home entertainment systems, and see how pictures get larger than life with projectors. Learn More

Explore LG’s innovative products, including:

Home Entertainment Systems: Using the most advanced audio and video digital technology available, LG home entertainment systems take 3D, Blu-ray and Smart TVs to a whole new level.

Televisions: From 3D and Smart TVs, to LED, LCD and Plasma TVs, discover an array of TVs in a range of sizes with features such as TruMotion™, HD and more, for a home entertainment experience like never before.

Blu-ray Video: Blu-ray utilises the latest laser technology to offer a high-definition audio and video experience. Blu-ray also offers greater disc storage compared to DVD, so you’ll get the best picture quality from your TV and enjoy the best audio available.

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