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LG Twin Tub
Washing Machine

Uniquely different.

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Twin Tub Washing Machines

Keep your clothes looking their best. With a twin tub washing machine from LG, you can save energy and enjoy a wide range of advanced features designed to make life good. Learn More

Explore just a few of the features that make LG twin tub washing machines a popular choice:

Energy Saving: Because twin tub washing machines use a minimal amount of water and consume less energy than many washers – and provide better washing performance – so you can keep your clothes looking their best, save money, and reduce your environmental impact.

3 Washing Programs: To ensure that your clothes are cleaned properly, we offer three unique wash cycles, including gentle, for underwear, normal, for shirts and pants, and strong, for jeans.

See-Through Design: Many of our twin tub models offer a see-through top, making it easy to see which wash process is underway without opening the lid.

Rust-proof Plastic Body: With a durable, rust-proof plastic body, your twin tub washing machine won’t stain your clothes and will last longer.

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