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Dirty clothes are made
clean in one wash...

LG Washing machine technology gives you the perfect cleaning result making your clothes look their best and making your home more brilliant than ever.

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With high-efficiency LG washing machines, including compact 5kg washers and large 15kg washing machines, you can reduce your energy costs and water consumption without compromising on style or performance. Learn More

Whether you need a 10kg washing machine that’s big enough for family-sized loads, or a washer that’s just for you, you’ll find a range of capacities to choose from (5kg to 15kg).

Direct Drive™ technology offers less vibration and greater durability than our non-direct drive systems. This feature is available on many of our washing machines, including our popular 15kg, 10kg and 7kg washing machine models.

Featuring a sleek design for a modern look, our washing machines are not only stylish, but come with a range of features, features like 6 Motion™ technology and LG’s Direct Drive Motor.

Designed to look good in any space, our full range of washers, including our compact 5kg, mid-sized 7kg, and our large 10kg and 15kg washing machines, feature sleek lines, clean displays and are available in a range of colours.

The Baby Care program, which heats the water up to 95° and provides a more hygienic wash for your children's clothes, is just one of the revolutionary features available on many of our washers.

If you’re short on space, or you don’t have an external venting source, we offer washing machines that also do the work of a dryer.

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