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LG TD-C901H - 9kg Eco Hybrid Condenser Dryer
LG TD-C901H - 9kg Eco Hybrid Condenser Dryer

9kg Eco Hybrid Condenser Dryer

9kg Eco Hybrid Condenser Dryer


  • Save Energy & Time
  • Eco Hybrid™
  • Energy
  • Smart Diagnosis System
  • Sensor Dry
  • Steam





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Advanced technology This is a great piece of technology for the laundry. I was hesitant to spend this sort of money on a dryer, but I'm glad I did. I don't think it's for everybody, but for a busy family in a house on a small block with little space for clothes lines it is a great alternative. Being a heat pump it doesn't generate any heat into the room. I wanted a larger dryer than available in vented units, but I also didn't want a heat source. It also uses less power than either vented or condenser dryers. The first time you use it can be daunting due to the possible options. But after some playing I only turned off the steam option. It remembers this for the next time, so once you work out what you prefer you don't need to repeat any adjustments. One thing to be cautious of is how you plumb the drain house. I started with a 'T' piece with the washing machine, and a lot of water from the washing machine was pumped through the dryer, and caused flooding and the self clean to run a lot. Make sure you use separate connections to the drain pipe! You'll know if it is bad because of the water on the floor when you use your washer. This is probably not a concern for laundries with the drain as a part of the sink, but we have a bench and the drain is in the laminated cupboard, so I've plumbed it all to be water tight to prevent water damage. Also be aware that the 'speed' setting causes the dryer to generate a lot of heat from the traditional condenser component. It also mitigates the energy savings, so I'd recommend using quick dry sparingly. There is a table in the instructions which tells you load sizes and types for each setting. I would imagine not following this would result in unsatisfactory results. 30 August 2014
Awesome, large capacity heat pump... 5 stars! I've had this dryer for almost a year and only felt compelled to leave a review because of the two 1 star reviews from other users. In summary my experience with this dryer has been awesome, I bought it as a pair with the wd14070d6 washer and am very happy. Not sure if it's a settings issue for the other users, but the dryer has no problem on when we do our bedding (super king duvet, 6 pillowcases plus fitted sheet)... and that's a big load! I use bulky item setting and extra dry and it comes out dry every time. We have a new baby so have little time for hanging out washing, the Eco setting and low running costs mean I do almost all our drying in this dryer and it's great. Takes out heaps of lint also, so clothes feel really clean and fresh. We looked at Bosch, Miele and Asko options but couldn't find any other heat pumps as big as this one, and we wanted a match with a 10kg washer which is why we bought it. Really couldn't be happier and Id recommend it to anyone. We're a young family of three, but I reckon this would work for even the biggest of families. 13 July 2014
hybrid not very good at all for the money this is now the second time the self cleaning system stuffs up then wont pump water out and says its full very unhappy about to negotiate a new machine 14 June 2014
Not happy Really not happy with this purchase. I bought the washer and dryer together and when paying that amount of money I would expect to be able to dry simple things like sheets and Duna covers. This dryer is such hard work and should dry a lot easier and not end up in a ball and wet 15 May 2014
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