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Air Conditioning

Control the temperature of your space with a range of commercial air conditioning units from LG, including cassette and multi-split air conditioner systems, VRF systems, and ducted solutions that combine stylish design and true functionality.   Learn More

Create a space that’s comfortable for your staff and your clients. With a commercial air conditioner from LG, you can keep your business at a comfortable temperature all year long. Just a few of the commercial air conditioning systems available include:

Cassette Systems: Slim, efficient and easy to install, LG’s cassette air conditioners can provide air flow in large spaces (up to 50m) and in areas with high ceilings (up to 30m). In addition, they offer independent vane control and feature low-noise technology, so you can enjoy a cool, comfortable space that’s also conducive to work.

VRF Air Conditioners: Designed for apartments, hotels and more, these commercial air conditioning units offer a wide range of piping and elevation options, as well as energy-efficient features, flexible options when combining modules and smaller unit footprints, allowing you to save valuable space. Other important features include DC Inverter Compressors and fan motors, black box function, fault detection and diagnosis, night quiet operation and pump down.

Multi-Split Systems: This unique system allows you to cool up to nine rooms using just one outdoor unit. Ideal for spaces with insufficient ceiling or floor space for ducting, these units allow you to choose different temperatures and fan speeds for individual rooms – offering the ultimate in flexibility.

Ducted Systems: These systems offer a whole-building solution that delivers efficient heating and cooling. By using state-of-the-art inverter technology, these systems allow you to choose from a wide range of temperature modes.

Air Conditioning

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