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Your customers will enjoy comfortable viewing even under sunlight with the M4224F. Perfect for window displays because it reflects away sunlight for better image visibility and clearer display.

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Shine Out Anti-glare Monitors

With a Shine-Out monitor from LG, you can create dazzling window displays that are virtually glare-free. Designed to reflect light away from the screen, our anti-glare monitors will revolutionise the way you share your messaging.   Learn More

Discover some of the features that make LG Shine-Out monitors popular options for displays both indoors and out.

Ultra-Narrow Bezels: With select anti-glare monitors featuring bezels measuring just 4.2mm at the Top/Left and 2.7mm at the Bottom/Right, you can create multi-monitor displays with a line of just 6.3mm between the panels.

Full HD 1080p: With almost double the pixel resolution of standard monitors, a LG Shine-Out monitors offer a glare-free high-definition experience in full 1080p – which gives you more vivid, detailed images than ever before.

RS-232C Input/Output: Select LG anti-glare monitors come equipped with RS-232C input/output options, which allows you to remotely control multiple monitors, including power, brightness, contrast and volume, from a single computer.

Daisy Chain Option: With this option, you can link several LG Shine-Out monitors together to form one continuous display, giving your guests a larger viewing experience.

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