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Business LED Monitors

Get superior colours and sharper images. With business LED monitors from LG, you can take your work to a whole new level.   Learn More

Featuring sleek, clean lines and innovative features, LG business LED monitors make it easy to work productively and share information in a rich, engaging way. Discover just a few of the reasons our business LED monitors are a popular option:

LED Backlight: Gives you the power to light up whatever you’re watching and provides the extra contrast you need to share images that are rich, deep, bright and engaging.

Superior Viewing Angles: When you choose a business LED monitor with ISP (in-plane switching) technology, you can create displays with consistent and accurate colour from virtually every viewing angle.

Ultra-slim Designs: Many LG business LED monitors feature ultra-slim designs so you can not only save space, but create sleek displays that won’t disrupt your décor.

Mega Contrast Ratio: The sharper contrast of brightness and darkness makes it easy to see even the most subtle colour differences. Mega Contrast technology can even show shades of pitch-black, which is considered the most difficult shade to realise.

Eco-Friendly: The highly efficient LED backlight greatly reduces energy consumption compared to other business monitors. Plus, because our business LED monitors don’t use using any hazardous materials, such as Mercury or Halogen, they’re friendlier to the environment.

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