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The M2380DF-PT is an almighty monitor
that provides a total entertainment package.

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Business TV Monitors

Create a complete multi-media experience at the office, your shop, café and more. With innovative business TV monitors from LG, you can perform work functions, show videos, air slideshows, provide information and more – all on one screen.   Learn More

Stylishly designed, LG business TV monitors are in a class of their own. Just a few of the innovative features that make our TV monitors popular favorites include:

Slim Designs and Stunning Display: Enjoy true-to-life pictures supported by Mega Contrast Ratio and a slimmer, lighter eco-friendly design, for a screen that’s not only optimised for TV, but computer images, as well.

Multitasking Display: Why close windows to open new ones? With our business TV monitors, there’s no need to close windows only to open new ones. Because of our monitors’ slim designs and wide screens, you can have two windows side by side – allowing you to browse the internet or display a static message, while showing a video on the other.

Multimedia Setting: Optimise your TV monitor’s picture for different content, such as gaming and movies. The Sound Mode offers realistic and dynamic sound reproduction for music and sports.

Built-in Quick View HD Play: This function makes it easy to show video clips and pictures or play MP3 files without having to boot up. You can also enjoy instant playback of video clips stored on USB memory devices by simply connecting your USB drive to your business TV monitor.

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