Inverter Cassette


Ideal for various applications including lounge,
family room, restaurants, hotels, offices
and meeting rooms.

We at LG are committed to making the lives of our customers
more comfortable. Through continuous improvement in R&D
and innovation to enhance energy efficiency*, LG introduces
the H2-inverter, an energy efficient, quiet unit giving you and
your business comfort.

Innovation for a better life

*Excluding UT1802

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Cassette Air Conditioners

An ideal cooling solution for hotels, cafes, offices and more, inverter cassette air conditioners from LG can help keep your clients, colleagues and guests comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.   Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make LG cassette air conditioners among the industry’s finest:

Wide, Adjustable Vanes: Because our inverter cassette air conditioners feature wide, adjustable vanes, they provide better air and temperature distribution – and more (or less) air where you need it.

BLDC Motor: These low-noise motors feature a high-efficiency turbo fan, as well as an improved outlet and airflow design and anti-vibration technology.

Group Control: Up to 16 of our cassette air conditioners air conditioners can be linked together and controlled from a single device.

Anti-Corrosive Coating: LG cassette air conditioners feature anti-corrosive coating on the surface of the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit, which serves to protect the units from pollution and corrosive conditions.

Slim Design: Indoor units feature an ultra-slim design (just 20mm thick), making them easy to install even in confined spaces.

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