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Public Venue Overview

Strategic public display and commercial television solutions that can attract the attention of your customers.

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage can add to the ambiance of attending an event in a large arena with crowds of ticket holders. From convention centres to sporting stadiums, LG’s next generation signage captures your audiences attention.

  • Create a visual spectacle on an impressive scale with our commercial LCD monitors that can be configured into a video wall consisting of up to 25 displays. High definition content can instantly become the centre focus to achieve the direct impact you want.
  • Display information for seating sections, nearby food vendors, and restrooms with a network of digital way-finding monitors in a managed digital signage network. At the end of the event, the displays can change into exit directions to lead patrons to their parking sections. Dates for future events and promotions can also be broadcast.
  • Replace static menu boards with LCD displays to feature menu items and specials and make quick modifications to active content. LG’s intuitive and user-friendly management software enables quick menu navigation to control your networked displays and simultaneously run media files such as video, images, audio, and other multimedia.

Commercial Television Solutions
LG has the television solution for stadium suites and field box seating with features and technologies such as Pro:Idiom™ for encrypted HD broadcast signals. Our Pro:Centric™ platform can also bring an interactive component to your clientele. Each television set is enabled to be managed from a centralised location for broad reaching control. Let our team of vertical market managers and application engineers develop a premium entertainment solution for your public venue.

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