LG LED Lighting

LG LED light bulbs will instantly change the
quality of light in your home and save you
money in the process.

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LG LED lighting provides a smart, economical solution for indoors – and out. Whether you prefer the soft glow of downlights, flat lights, outdoor spotlights or need to retrofit your space, you’ll find the perfect LED lighting to meet your needs.   Learn More

The LG LED lighting collection features a wide range of options to suit your unique needs, such as:

LED Light Bulbs: Designed to work with traditional Edison screw bases, as well as modern LED lighting fixtures with two-pronged bases, our LED light bulbs make it easy to create a cheerful space, set a cozy mood or change the tone of your business instantly. As an added bonus, commercial LED lighting from LG can save you up to 80% in energy, compared to standard halogen lamps.

LED Light Fittings: From unobtrusive downlights you can mount in the ceiling or wall to sleek flat lights that make for stunning panel displays, LG offers a wide range of LED lights to suit your style and your space.

Outdoor LED Lighting: With glare-free LG LED lighting for outdoor areas, you can create a safe and stylish space for clients, customers and colleagues – ensuring that your walkways, garden paths, signage, seating areas and doorways are well lit and user-friendly.

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