LG LED Lighting

LG LED light bulbs will instantly change the
quality of light in your home and save you
money in the process.

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With decades of research and innovation behind them, LG lighting products are designed to light your space beautifully and efficiently. Featuring advanced technology and innovative solutions, we offer a range of products for business and residential applications.   Learn More

Discover just a few of the innovative lighting products available from LG:

LED Lamps - A19 & Candle Lamps: Appropriate for small offices or the home office environment, these classic LED lamps can be used in place of traditional incandescent bulbs.

LED Lamps - MR 16 Lamps: These unique lighting products are designed to last up to 40,000 hours and may be used in residential, retail or commercial applications.

LED Lamps - Par Lamps: These decorative solutions allow you to create an intimate feel and can be used in a wide range of retail settings, as well as hotels, office corridors, and stairways.

F.I.L.M. Lights: These innovative, proprietary LG lighting products use LED Film technology to create style and function with a minimal footprint.

High Bay Lights: Experience next level in industrial, commercial and retail lighting. Featuring a sleek, slim design and high performance, these lighting products are available as pendants or bracketed fixtures.

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