Mirror Signage

LG mirror signage is easy to install and is
simple to customise. It’s designed to deliver
information in an impactful way.

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Mirror Signage

LG commercial mirror signage offers a streamlined and innovative advertising solution that can effectively relay your message. Ideal when your business is fitness, fashion or hotels.   Learn More

LG introduces our ultimate in commercial display solutions LG mirror signage offering innovative and state-of-the-art features that include:

Easy installation: LG commercial mirror signage is just that, part mirror, part advertising tool. There is no need for additional components for the installation. The built-in mirror is already installed, which means there’s no need for additional or timely installations. Only power and LAN are required for installation.

High performance: Eliminating the need of an external media player reduces total cost outlay and simplifies the installation and maintenance. LG commercial mirror signage has it with System On Chip (SoC).

OPS compatibility: LG commercial mirror signage supports Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), simplifying OPS certified device installation, usage, maintenance and upgrades.

Simple customisation: You can easily customise and monitor your commercial mirror signage from your computer, making it easy to make changes and update displays remotely.

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    49" IPS Mirror Display

    49" IPS Mirror Display


    Key Features

    • FULL HD (1920 X 1080)
    • Built-in Mirror
    • Built-in SoC
    • webOS for Signage
    • SNMP Support / Wi-Fi Compatible
    • OPS Compatibility
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