Quiet, stylish and efficient, LG MULTI V air conditioning systems help make life cooler, more comfortable and a little more chic. Available in a range of sizes, MULTI V air conditioners provide a flexible solution for your business. Learn More

Designed specifically for high-rise buildings, MULTI V air conditioners from LG offer form and function – giving you the opportunity to cool your world in style. Just a few of the features that make our MULTI V air conditioning units and heat pump systems popular options include:

Quiet Operation: This mode can be programmed to remain engaged for a set number of hours, switching on at the day's peak temperature, and then returning to normal operation.

Group Control: Available on select LG MULTI V air conditioners and heat pump systems, this unique feature allows you to control several units at once – so they operate in the same mode at the same time.

Thermistor Control: This type of control allows you to maintain a more accurate room temperature, as the unit then measures the temperature at the indoor unit as well as on the wired controller.

Auto Changeover: This feature enables LG MULTI V air conditioners to automatically switch to cooling- or heating- mode to maintain an optimum room temperature as the seasons change.

LG has produced a line of commercial air conditioners using the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology that can achieve up to 55% higher energy savings than comparable unitary equipment. This makes LG VRF air conditioning systems suitable for more demanding, high volume applications such as in commercial high-rises, hotels and office buildings.


LG’s Multi V Series includes features that will benefit your next project requirement; including, DC Inverter Compressors and fan motors, black box function, fault detection and diagnosis, night quiet operation and pump down.

Multl V Outdoor Units

Multi V Inverter outdoor units are composed of serially arranged refrigerant pipes connected to a single unit. They are an efficient system that offers outstanding energy savings, simple and easy installation and can be connected to different types of indoor units to suit the design requirements of your project. Latest updates across the series include: DC Inverter compressor and fan motor, black box function, fault detect and diagnosis, night quiet operation and pump down.

The current range of outdoor units includes:


LG Air Conditioning have committed to ongoing improvements in product design and customer service to ensure you receive an exceptionally high level of support and satisfaction. Multi V III is the next milestone in this commitment.

LG Multi V III gives you more:

MORE Efficiency

Up to 25% increase* in efficiency, lowering energy consumption.

MORE Space Saving

The product footprint is reduced by up to 38%*, saving valuable space.

LG Air Conditioning VRF System Model Image

MORE Reliability

FFD (Fault Detection & Diagnosis): Automatic test run function, refrigerant amount check, real-time inspection and back up operation maximises the reliability of the product and mimineses installation & maintenance time.

MORE Flexibility

Multi V III offers a large capacity of up to 56kW/unit with a maximum static pressure of 80Pa on the outdoor unit. The modules can be combined freely giving you the perfect solution for any project.

MORE Possibilities

With a wide range of piping and elevation options, Multi V III offers the ultimate flexibility in design.

  • Total piping length = 1000m
  • Longest piping length = 200m (Conditional application = 225m)
  • Longest piping run after first branch = 40m (Conditional application = 90m)
  • Level difference between ODU – IDU = 110m

* Above data is in comparison to LG Multi V Plus II

Multi V MINI

For apartment installations where the outdoor unit needs to be positioned on the roof, the Multi V MINI is the perfect solution. Features include: high COP, long pipe length, slim and compact size, easy to service and a connectivity of up to 9 indoor units.

Multi V III Heat Pump

From installation and transportation, to maintenance and service, Multi V III Heat Pump adds convenience to cutting-edge technology. Features include: low noise, alternate-cycling function, automatic back-up, pump down and pump out, auto addressing, non-polarity transmission connection, auto changeover, cool/heat selector, separate front panel and a connectivity of up to 64 indoor units.

Multi V III Heat Recovery

Simultaneous heating and cooling with one outdoor unit, Multi V III Heat Recovery provides optimum environmental conditions regardless of season or space. Features include: heating and cooling synchronous operation, long piping length, advanced mode change, wide operation range, high efficiency heat recovery unit, flexible connection of HR unit, convenient free zoning, fast response of mode change, excellent multiple HR unit and auto changeover.


For high rise apartment applications, the Multi V SPACE II provides an economic and aesthetic space design solution. The outdoor unit is particularly suitable for balconies, as it provides optimum space. Features include: front suction and front discharge, quiet operation and low vibration, fan RPM control and 4-step modularised design.

Multi V Indoor Units

LG has created a range of design conscious indoor units to compliment any interior design. Product options include:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Art Cool Series
  • 4 way Ceiling Cassette
  • 2 way Ceiling Cassette
  • 1 way Ceiling Cassette
  • Low Static Duct
  • Built-in Duct
  • High Static Duct
  • Ceiling and Floor
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Floor Standing
  • Fresh Air Intake Kit

Features across the indoor range include: aesthetic design, low noise, 4 vane independent operation, auto elevation grill, wide jet vane, high ceiling mode, flexible connection, application of built-in duct, application of ceiling concealed duct, linear ESP control, compact size, one touch type panel, convenient installation, easy drain installation, 3 way flexible installation, sliding type filter, neo plasma air purifying system, digital air flow control, swirl swing, dehumidification, auto clean, air flow direction control, weekly program and child lock function.