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Outdoor Units

An outdoor air conditioning unit from LG offers energy saving features with an easy to service design. LG advanced control options give you features such as instant access using a remote, a centrally located control or even via the Internet.   Learn More

Discover the compact design and energy saving capabilities of an LG outdoor air conditioning unit, offering impressive features that include:

Flexibility: LG outdoor air conditioners offer features such as the ability to combine up to 12 different types of units providing various heating and cooling options that are ideal for a variety of environments.

Advanced controls: Control your outdoor air conditioning unit from a distance, either with a remote or from your Internet connection, now that’s advanced!

Energy saving: LG air conditioners are designed to be efficient while saving more energy than many standard air conditioners

  • World's First Class, Rated and Part Load Efficiency
  • HiPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return)
  • Variable Heat Exchanger Circuit
  • Continuois Heating Operation in Defrost
  • Wide Operation Range
  • Smartphone Monitoring & Control

  • World’s First Class, Rated and Part Load Efficiency

    rated efficiency

    part load efficiency

    HiPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return)

    HiPOR™ technology enables oil to return directly into the compressor, instead of returning through the refrigerant circuit, minimising energy losses.


    Multi V IV


    Active Refrigerant Control

    Active Refrigerant Control automatically controls the level of liquid refrigerant amount to maximise efficiency.



    Regardless of operation mode in a conventional VRF system a fixed amount of refrigerant is available which limits optimal efficiency of each modes operating.



    In MULTI V [IV] Active Refrigerant Control automatically monitors and adjusts the volume of circulating refrigerant for each cycle cooling or heating. This precise, five-step control leads to an improvement in energy efficiency, for cooling or heating whether port on full load operation.

    Variable Heat Exchanger Circuit


    Variable Heat Exchanger Circuit is the world first technology which intelligently selects the optimal path for both heating and cooling.


    Smart Oil Return


    World first technology, which enhances system and compressor reliability, optimises efficiency by checking compressor oil level with sensor in Real Time.


    Wide Operation Range


    MULTI V [IV] extended range of continuous cooling and heating operation through enhanced inverter compressor and control technology.


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