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LG brings world class engineering, design and manufacturing under one great brand for exceptional performance.

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LG solar products offer an efficient, reliable energy source for homes and businesses of virtually any size. Explore our innovative solar solutions and discover the future of clean energy.   Learn More

Created by world-class engineers, and made using lightweight, innovative materials, LG solar products are designed for efficiency and reliability. Our current range of solar products includes:

MonoX™: Loaded with features for easy installation, use and maintenance, MonoX solar products provide long-lasting, clean, renewable and affordable energy for residential, commercial and utility applications.

MonoX™ Black: MonoX Black modules can produce up to 260 Watts of power and are built to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Designed using the latest technology and backed by LG’s 25-year linear warranty, MonoX Black solar products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that customers get the stated power outputs, with a positive nominal tolerance starting at 0%.

MonoX™ NeoN: Building off the 60-cell panel design of the MonoX module, the MonoX NeoN boasts a high-efficiency output of 300W with 18.3 percent module efficiency, as well as a selective emitter, fine electrode technologies and LG’s unique anti-reflection coating. At just 16.8kg, the MonoX NeoN is not only the lightest of LG’s solar products, but among the lightest panels on the market.


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