Inverter Split System

lg-Inverter ArtCool Stylish - Reverse Cycle, Heating and Cooling, 3.50kW



Allergy Reduction Filter

The Allergy reduction filter comprises of an enzyme that helps break down allergens when the air passes through the filter. The allergens cling to the filter and the enzyme breaks down the allergens protein to help deactivate the allergen.

Auto Clean

A main cause of air conditioner odours is mould and bacteria that breed in the heat exchanger. The Auto Clean function dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould and bacteria from breeding thus significantly reducing the mildew odours and saves you from frequent cleaning.

Optimised 4 Way Airflow for cooling and heating

For cooling, the vane is adjusted upwards to let the cold air reach a wider area. As for heating, the vane sends the heated air downwards to heat the space from the floor up for more effective and balanced room temperature. Also, vertical louver moves left and right, so that every corner of the room is conditioned.

8 Steps Plasma Filtering System

LG’s unique Plasma Air Purifying system has been designed to generate fresher and cleaner ait. Made up of 6 filters which purify the air, where each stage of the filtration acts to reduce odours and fine dust particles.

Step Control

The direction of the horizontal vane can be adjusted from step 1 to step 6 and full auto swing. This function can cool specific areas much faster.

Vertical Louver Step Control (Optional) - Direction of vertical louver can be adjusted from step 1 to step 5, left and right, and full auto swing. This function also allows the air conditioner to cool specific areas in short periods of time.

Quiet Operation

The indoor units have a low noise level of 19 dB/29dB when in sleep mode. This gives you greater peace of mind when things need to be quiet or you are sleeping.
(Different houses will experience different noise levels because of a variety of reasons.)

Changeable Panels and Stylish Design

With ARTCOOL changeable panels you can change the colour of your air conditioning panel to match your room's colour scheme. Colour panels are sold separately and are available in white, silver and blue.

Simple and Easy to Use Remote Controller

The controller has a wide LCD screen with a user-friendly design that is comfortable to grab. It is easy to use with large sized buttons that are easy to recognise with function graphics.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatised. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

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