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LG UltraWide display has been designed for maximum visual impact. Deliver stunning content while displaying ads with LG UltraWide display.

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LG UltraWide display has a wide range of applications. With great space efficiency from its width, it’s possible to display part informational portal and part advertising space at the same time.   Learn More

Discover how LG UltraWide display can serve as the Ultimate business marketing tool with innovative features that include:

29” 21:9 Ultra Wide Signage: 21:9 UltraWide aspect ratio is better suited to use as a cinema screen, providing greater immersion in the movie without the affect of “letter boxing”.

Multi-Screen: With the multi screen function you can display a 16:9 conventional movie without distortion and display information in a 5:9 ratio, simultaneously. When you display two 4:3 contents the screen splits in half, with minimal distortion.

Content Creation: SuperSign software, which is supplied with LG Media Player as a bundle, support 21:9 content creation.

Space Utilisation: Even in a restricted space, such as a store shelf or low ceiling interior, 29” screen can boast eye-catching effects without obstructing movement of human traffic.

Superior picture quality: LG UltraWide display feature a clear, vivid picture and deep blacks for enhanced readability, ensuring your message is always delivered. LG IPS panels life like picture quality with minimal variation from wider viewing angles.

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