Touch Screen Digital Signage

LG touch technology provides 10-points multi-touch
for your interactive needs.

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TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR – Sleek styling and a cutting-edge display. With LG a state-of-the-art touch screen monitor, you can deliver information with just the touch of a finger.   Learn More

Touch Screen Monitor offers features that include:

84” ULTRA HD Multi Touch Signage: the LG ULTRA HD (3840x2160) IPS touch screen allows you to enjoy lifelike picture quality with minimal variation from wider viewing angles. Featuring superior consistency in colour temperature and less change in contrast, LG Ultra HD IPS panels boast excellent image reproduction.

Minimal Ghost Multi-Touch Experience: When touching the LG IPS screen, it is possible to express your writing or drawing with minimal ghost effect for clean and smooth navigation.

Multi-Touch Experience: The 10-Points Multi-Touch Experience provides a more realistic sense of touch since it can recognise up to 10 simultaneous touches at once without the need of a separate pen.

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