10 Point Touch

LG Touch10 monitors can track 10 simultaneous points allowing various multi-finger gestures.

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Touch Screen Monitor

Sleek styling and a cutting-edge display. With a state-of-the-art LG touch screen monitor, you can deliver information with just the touch of a finger.   Learn More

Fast & Accurate Touch: LG touch screen monitors feature highly responsive touch displays that are not only intuitive, but ultra-precise for fewer errors.

Full HD Resolution: Featuring full HD 1080p resolution, our touch screen monitors offer deep blacks, rich colours and clear, crisp images.

Auto-Cooling System: To keep your touch screen computer monitor at its optimum temperature, our innovative monitors are equipped with an auto-cooling system to ensure that they’re kept at their optimum temperature.

Variety of Video Input Options: With a wide range of video input options, including RGB, HDMI and DVI, our touch screen monitors allow you to choose the right video source for your display – and change video sources quickly.

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