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3D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Recorder

3D/2D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Recording


  • 3D/2D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Playback
  • Twin HD Tuner (Simultaneously Record)
  • 500GB Internal HDD Recording
  • Record Contents via AV Input





BR625T 2.8 5 4 4
This product has really good features Dear Buyers Just wanted to share with you my experience of this LG Blu-Ray Disc Recorder. I have this unit since june of 2013. So far it seems to be OK. I have recorded many things and you have an option to record shows on many different formats, so that you have more space on your HDD. Yeah its a good product with an economical price tag, I haven't tried other brands so I am new to these devices. Just a few times it stopped operating so It had to be unplug from the power source a few times and re-plug it back and it should be OK. All Good, enjoy. 30 July 2014
Just What I Wanted.... Bought this product 9 months ago and couldn't be happier, plays Blu-ray & DVD flawlessly. 3D Blu-ray is awesome. Have used the HDD to record digital TV and couldn't be happier my programs are always there and with the unit networked to my home gateway i can watch my recorded programs on my bedroom's LG smart TV if i like. Because it is networked firmware updates are not an issue. The only negative i have for this unit is that it is not multi-region, I have still had to keep my Sony multi-region Blu-ray to watch my overseas Blu-rays and DVD's. It would be great if LG brought out a multi-region model, I'd definitely BUY IT..... 20 June 2013
Not happy I purchase the player on the 17th May, it kept seizing up whilst playing back, Southern Cross and affiliates. Missed the V8s on Sunday. Took it back to H/N, seems it needed a firmware up date. Took it to a technician. He did the update overnight. Received it back this arvo. Will try it tonight. Not happy purchasing a dud player, with an update requirement, that H/N knew about. LG should have sent out the firmware update, so not to cause this inconvenience.. 18 June 2013
Never again My husband purchased this in the boxing day sales (26th December 2012) Within 25 days it wasn't working properly. The player would turn itself off when watching a DVD. We took it back to the store we purchased it from and they told us to take it home and call LG. LG recommend an update - this DIDN"T work. Next step was to take it to a electronic place to get fixed - This took 3 weeks - Problem seemed to be fixed with new parts. 2 months after being to the electronic place the problem reappeared. After calling LG to inform them the told us to take it back to the electronic place AGAIN. Having this product has been a huge inconvenience to us. I would never buy an LG product again... The support you receive from the company (LG) is terrible. I feel like the player has spent more time being repaired then it has at our home. 30 April 2013
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