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3D Recorder and Blu-Ray Player

500GB HD Tuner Recorder & 3D Blu-Ray Player


  • 3D Blu-ray Recorder
  • LG Smart
  • External HDD Playback
  • USB Plus





HR836T 1 5 5 5
Doesn't even play DVDs This is the worst and most frustrating device I have ever bought. After 10 months of battling it I give up. 80% of discs claim a disc error. Very slow to respond to anything. Turns itself off after recording and then doesn't record any other programs. I hate it and it hates me. 30 August 2014
In the top 10 of the worst purchases I've ever made I didn't have a problem with the setup as long as your not expecting it to be a 10 min job. Hahaha. My issues are more with the recording of programs from the inbuilt TV Guide. Firstly... you have to click (to watch) on each station for the guide to load for that station... The recorded programs have the name of the previous program. Which means you have to edit the name so you know what they are... The recording stops anywhere from 2 to 10 mins before the program actually finishes. Which means going into Timer Record and editing the finish time... Loading music to the hard drive??? It put every song from a compilation album in separate folders. No such thing as a Select All option to play back either. No such thing as watching a recording program from the start until it's finished and written to the hard drive. Please don't get me started on the remote!!! IT IS SO SLOW to respond. The next/previous chapter button takes you to the next/previous recorded program!!! Also, I'd expect the Info button to tell me the name of the program I'm watching when it's live. Not so.. You have to go in to the guide or wait for the adds to finish... Sorry people.. I can go on more but I'm just getting sooo... frustrated with all the issues. The stupid thing is that I bought it because I have an LG TV. Those people giving it 1.5 have been very generous. It's going back in the box... 5 August 2014
This product is far from satisfactory I bought the HR836T this week and am far from happy. The manual is next to useless with the print quality making it almost impossible to read. I still cannot work out how to play DVDs as the machine keeps telling me I have a disc error. I intend to return the recorder to the dealer. Totally dissatisfied. 24 July 2014
East Set Up - I don't think so!!! I also purchased this product yesterday and was told it was easy to set up. I like to read the manual first, so I put the disc in the computer and that doesn't even work!! Cannot get the machine to even play a DVD let alone record something - manual - what manual - not happy 13 March 2014
Instruction manual inadequate Recently purchased 3D BLU RAY SINGLE HD500GB Combo the salesman said it was simple to set up.The manual in the box is useless.Ifinally worked it out with a friend I set it to record a show on the tv as i was watching another tv program it automatically switched the tv to the show that i set to record.I intend to return it to LG and will be seeking a refund .Could not recommend this product 15 February 2014
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