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3D Recorder and Blu-Ray Player

500GB Twin HD Tuner Recorder & 3D Blu-Ray Player


  • 3D Blu-Ray Recorder
  • Twin Tuner Recording and HD Contents Playback
  • Time Shift
  • LG Smart





HR936T 2.2 5 27 27
What a waste of money I'm devastated that I didn't read the reviews on LG's on website (these reviews) before purchasing what I thought would be the answer to my not being able to get/receive pay tv. I missed not being able to live pause and record two programs while watching a third. This does not do what it says it will do, and what it does, it does badly. I had a better recorder in the 80's. the retailer wont replace this and it is just plain sub standard. I'd like my money back and a better recorder. I wonder if LG would honour their word? Dreadful. 12 September 2014
Terrible Keeps freezing up making the live pause inoperable as you come back to press play and the unit has frozen and won't play. The only way to fix it is to reset the machine and then do a complete factory reset. This only works for a couple of hours and then it freezes again. 5 September 2014
HR936T Bought July 2013 but only connected it in February this year. Has hardly been used. While watching recorded programme today and fast forward through ads whole unit froze. Only way to turn off was at the power point. Have done update as web sights recommended. Now wont delete recordings saying they have been deleted when in fact they havent. Also now will not even go to recording icon jumps over it. Am not happy 1st purchase of Lg product. Havent even used the dvd section and as I said have only recorded about 30 small programme help please 23 August 2014
Can't record Had this product for around 6 months. Had minor issues playing blu ray which hasn't bothered me. Now I can't record keeps telling me no storage device connected not a happy camper as I also can't access previously recorded program's. Have turned player off and on several times and done a software update with no change. 29 July 2014
Only just adequate but no milestone The HDD Blu-Ray player does what it says in essence however it lacks simplicity and has some issues, I am sure this could be solved by a major software update however since owning the unit I have seen none. The following are some of the failings that I have seen in the past couple of months using the HDD unit: - the HDD is no longer letting me copy files over. Its not full but just notes an error, I have no idea what that error is. - the Recording function is usually out of sync with the stations so names them incorrectly & cuts them short. - the visual display of recordings is very poor. - the Recording function switches of the unit & subsequently the TV when finished despite the fact we are trying to keep watching. A very quick display pops up but its way too quick and it would be better if it just didn't do it all together. - the TV does not speak to the HDD recorder but rather the other way around, you basically use the HDD & Tuner with a display being the TV. So all the benefits of a Smart TV are lost. - the HDD programming software is lacklustre, clunky and slow. - the unit is really slow to boot and general most functions are very slow. - the remote has a very acute angle of operation. - the LG TV remote does not work on the HDD unit. - the units remote has limited functions for the TV so you basically need both, this is not ideal. - when playing recordings, once finished it keeps replaying them over and over. - when playing HDD files, once finished it plays the next files and so on. - when playing HDD files, if you stop you can't pick up where you left off. - the TV guide only shows the channels that you have been on, so you have to run through them all to then see them on the guide which is a useless exercise and defeats its purpose. - the info display stays up way too much, you seem to have to exit anything or it remains on the screen. - Recordings switch the channel automatically even if you're watching something else. I would not recommend this unit, if a software update solved some or most of these issues then I may change my view. One of the biggest bugbears is the fact that the LG Smart TV magic want remote does not work on this unit, its pretty basic stuff. 29 June 2014
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1Changing channel will restart the Time shift function with the loss of previously recorded channel.
2Internet connection is required. Data usage charges and conditions apply.
3Wireless router or network access point required
4USB flash memory device not included and must be purchased separately.
5AVC2 application (minimum Android version 2.1) and (minimum Apple iOS version 4.0)

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