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Record two TV shows whilst watching a Blu-ray movie

500GB Twin HD Tuner HDD Recorder with Blu-ray Player


  • eyeQ Smart EPG
  • Time Shift
  • Series Recording
  • LG Smart





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Hard to use A little clunky to use but I can get around it slowly but as yet I am unable to discover how to delete recorded programs and the manual doesn't tell you (once you have loaded the disc to the computer) Bought this as we have a LG TV which is great but player isn't so much fun.. 28 August 2014
Happy with Product Have to disagree with many of the reviews here. Hit fast forward multiple times to control speed of f/forward/r.wind. Can turn off home screen in options so goes straight to DTV. It doesn't require HDMI lead to work, but should say that you need one to get the best out if the product 2 August 2014
Don't purchase Bought this unit 3 weeks ago. A bit slow and clunky to use but I can live with that. However the first time I tried copying some recordings onto an external USB it corrupted the backup. I figured it might be a faulty backup disk so plugged in a different disk and this time copying the first show the TV went black half way through the copy and I had to turn the unit off and on to get it back. No luck with that either. Tech support want me to do a factory reset which would lose all my recordings. How do I get my money back?? 27 July 2014
Annoying, Disappointed and Lack Equipment To begin with, 1) The Blue-ray HDD Recorder should have in it's box a HDMI Cable. It doesn't work with out it. So I don't understand why LG didn't put it in. It took me 2 hours to figure it out. 2) It's very difficult to delete recordings on this LG. I assumed it would be similar to the one I had before. I only brought it because I've use there DVD's for over 15 years. The memu design is competely different. 3) It's very slow in fast forwarding. 4) The paper manual lack details. It doesn't tell you how to delete. 5) The LG computer disk couldn't load on my computer. (That may not be there problem). But it didn't help. However, I will have to treat this Blu-ray HDD recorder as if it's from a different manufacturer and learn all its way. In which I was hoping to avoid. That's why I brought the product! But I still would recommend it on price alone and it's ok for the dinning area or kids room. 17 July 2014
Somewhat good, some not so good I am enjoying this product and chose to to go with my LG 70LB65 tv. However there are some annoying features. 1. When a timer record is coming due there is an annoying popup that comes on and asks if you still want to record the program. Question to LG - Why? 2. The recording finishes and then another annoying popup comes on and says recording is finished, do you want to power off. LG - again Why? Come back from another room and the PVR has turned off and the TV shows a no signal screen. 3. When powering the unit on it always goes to the recorded list as a default, even when switching back from another input. It would seem these should be user programmable options on a device of this standard however the setting menus are quite basic. If it weren't for these annoying points I would rate this item as a 4 or maybe closer to 5. 24 June 2014
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