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When it comes to food, fresher is better. That's why I rely on the LG Five Door, French Door Refrigerator. The Door-In-Door™ design keeps food fresh because it loses up to 41% less cold air when it's open*, versus opening the full door. You can also access your favourite items hassle free.



The Stylish French Door Fridge giving you
quick and easy access to frequently
used food, drinks and snacks.

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Introducing the LG French Door Refrigerator with CustomChill™ Drawer. The versatile settings let you select a pre-set temperature from -1C to 5C so you can store anything from a beautiful Kingfish to cold cut meats at the appropriate temperature.

French Door Fridges

Well-designed and useful with a host of innovative features, such as 3-door and 4-door options, and with the freezer always below, your LG French Door Refrigerator might just become the talk of the town. Learn More

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Space: Completely hidden in the door, our French Door Refrigerators come with the ultra-compact Slim Indoor Ice System that cuts bulky clutter and frees up space. Our French Door Refrigerators have large capacities, so you can hold more of your favourite food, snacks and beverages than ever before.

Tall Ice and Water Dispenser: Tall water and ice dispensers on many of our French door fridges make it easy to fit all shapes and sizes of containers. Digital controls make it easy to see, easy to use, and it comes with a Child Lock.

Moist Balance Crisper: The lid of this crisper on our French door refrigerators has a lattice structure that retains evaporated moisture from fruit and vegetables, allowing it to be re-absorbed thus keeping them fresher for longer.

BioShield Door Seals: All seals on LG French door fridges contain agents which prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. This helps to maintain the integrity of the seal, maintaining the interior temperature, and keeping food fresher for longer.

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