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Today’s kitchen is more than just cooking. LG’s elegant design and ultimate practicality combined with smart technology creates a complete kitchen solution that will make you proud of your cooking.


Your ultimate kitchen hand is here. New wok burner technology makes the LG Gas Cooktops handy in any kitchen. The dual control wok burner is great for simmering whilst the side burners give you more space between your pans.

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Functionality meets design. With clean lines and stainless steel finish, LG’s Rangehoods are a stylish feature of any kitchen. Combining features such as up to four speed motors for increased extraction with less noise. Now fine cuisine belongs to your kitchen.

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LG’s built-in refrigerators are a fusion of performance and style. Features such as the moist balance crisper controls moisture and helps vegetables and fruits retain their nutrients. Elegant, sleek and slim line design adds a touch of glamour.

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