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Discover LG Vacuums

Discover LG Vacuums

Explore the innovative design of LG Vacuums, and find the one that’s right for your home.

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Kompressor Vacuums

Featuring the world’s first motorised dust compression technology, the LG Kompressor vacuum cleaner compacts dust into cubes so it can’t escape back into your home – and makes cleanup simple.  Learn More

Designed for more hygienic cleaning, the LG Kompressor vacuum offers a wide range of innovative features, including:

Turbo Cyclone Suction. Using a double chamber design, the LG Kompressor is able to shoot dust into the tank and maintain suction power from beginning to end.

HEPA Filter. To help prevent allergies and create cleaner, healthier spaces, each LG Kompressor vacuum cleaner come equipped with a specially designed HEPA exhaust filter.

Steam Technology. In addition to functioning as a tradition vacuum cleaner, select LG Kompressor models offer steam technology, which allows you to hygienically clean hard floors and remove tough stains.

Dust Bin Compression. The LG Kompressor vacuum compacts dust into cubes, which allows your vacuum to hold more dust and means fewer disposals.

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