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Product Recall

LG Dishwashers Recall- Solder Joints Issue One

June 2008

LG Electronics Australia Pty Limited is voluntarily recalling selected dishwashers. These products are being recalled due to the possibility of a fault with the solder joints on the circuit boards, which could overheat and in extreme case RESULT IN FIRE.

Am I affected?

If you own an LG dishwasher model number LD-14AW2, LD-14AT2, LD-4050W with serial numbers starting between 307 and 312 or serial number between 204KW0001-306KW99999, this recall affects you.

How am I affected?

LG is committed to the successful, safe and speedy resolution of both of these issues with minimal inconvenience to consumers. We are therefore advising that consumers not to leave the products unattended while in use.

What do I need to do?

Customers with these affected products are requested to contact the Customer Information Line on 1800 506 154 to arrange an appointment. LG service representatives will visit the Customer to replace the circuit board at no charge. Prior to calling, customers are asked to record their model and serial numbers to provide to LG's Customer Information Line.

Please note that in September 2005 LG recalled the same models with serial numbers commencing 111 to 306. If you contact LG following the 2005 recall, and had your machine replaced, no further action is required. If you do not contact LG following that recall, you should do so now.

For further information contact the LG Customer Information Line on 1800 506 154 or visit
LG Electronics apologises for any inconvenience caused to customers.

See for Australian Product Recall Information.

Affected models

Model number: More details: Manufactured:
LD-14AW2 Serial numbers commencing 307 to 312 July 2003 - Dec 2003
LD-14AT2 Serial numbers commencing 307 to 312 July 2003 - Dec 2003
LD-4050W Serial numbers commencing 307 to 312 July 2003 - Dec 2003