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Product Recall

LG Portable DVD Player Recall

March 2010

LG discovered that there is a risk that the power adapter may detach from the plug pins where a high degree of force has been applied, thus exposing the potentially live parts which have the potential to cause an electric shock. Products were sold from June 2008 to present but are being quarantined at point of sale in retailers so no more can be sold.

Am I affected?

If you own an LG Portable DVD Player with model numbers DP392G, DP351G and DP450G this recall affects you.

How am I affected?

LG is committed to the successful, safe and speedy resolution of both of these issues with minimal inconvenience to consumers. We are therefore advising that consumers cease use of the products.

What do I need to do?

Please call our customer care line on 1800 506 154 to immediately organise replacement of the portable DVD player power adapter

Affected models

Model number: More details: Manufactured:
DP392G   June 08 - Present
DP351G   June 08 - Present
DP450G   June 08 - Present


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Portable DVD Player Adapter Recall