Perfect Black creates Explosive Colour

OLED TV is here now
LG OLED TV redefines television to create a unique sense of realism.
This is not just a new TV, this is a whole new category of Television.
Why is OLED TV different?
LED/LCD TVs use a technology that includes a backlight, so the black scenes are diluted
by lighting that often makes black look charcoal grey.

LG OLED TV has no backlight. It delivers pure black and with that comes explosive colour.

Take the OLED Challenge in store now. Go in store now and compare LG OLED TV
to conventional LED/LCD backlit TVs.
LG TV Backlight
with Backlight
LG TV No Backlight
No Backlight
Warners Light Neon
We tested David Warner to take the ultimate cricketing challenge by batting at night.
And by night, we mean with the lights turned off! Dave took the test, now take it yourself.

Take the OLED challenge. You’ll see that perfect black, which only OLED TV delivers,
really does create explosive colours.
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LG Bottom Fade

Perfect Black

Amazing picture quality starts with the deepest blacks. With an infinite
contrast ratio, you’ll see detail in the dark scenes in movies that LED/LCD TVs
just can’t deliver. No other TV can beat the pure black of OLED.

Self-lighting Pixels

LG OLED TV pixels are self-lighting, meaning they can switch on and off individually.
This allows infinite contrast, producing brilliant whites and the darkest blacks for a
picture of unbelievable depth.

Also in 4K Ultra HD

LG OLED TV offers two magnificent viewing options. The EG960T is the Australia’s first TV to combine OLED technology with
4K Ultra High Definition for a truly unique and mesmerising viewing experience. The EC930T in Full HD encapsulates the brilliance
of OLED technology. Either way, these are the TV’s of your dreams.

Amazingly Vivid Colours

Indulge in exquisite, nuanced colours that exceed the industry's sRGB colour standard in Wide Colour Gamut mode.
When colour this spectacular leaps from a pure balck backdrop, you'll know you're watching something very
special. In fact, our OLED TVs have the capability to show over 1 billion colours.

Immersive Curved Screen

When style is of the essence in your home, the LG Curved OLED TV
makes a real impact. With its subtle inward curve, these screens delivers
an immersive viewing experience.

Sound Design by Harman / Kardon®

The EG960T OLED series boasts highly refined sound quality, realised in collaboration
with harman/kardon, one of the leading audio solutions in the industry. With the full
impact of sound, your viewing experience becomes a captivating audio visual experience.

*Note: Harman Kardon sound not
available on EG910T”

Elegantly Slim

LG OLED TV’s slim design combines function and fashion
in a supreme show of elegance.
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