LG Electronics Australia Pty Limited (LGEAP) is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all laws, regulations, codes and organizational standards, including the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (the CCA). Compliance with these obligations is not just a legal requirement but is integral to LGEAP's commitment to its employees, customers, consumers and the community. Compliance is a key element of LG Electronics Code of Conduct which is the foundation of LGEAP's management philosophy and the way LGEAP pursues its vision.

The Board and the senior management team are committed to ensuring there is an appropriate compliance framework, resources and complementary controls in place to provide an appropriate level of confidence that the Company is operating in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, codes and organizational standards.

As part of this commitment, LGEAP maintains a comprehensive CCA compliance program. This program includes the appointment of a qualified and experienced Legal & Compliance Manager and Legal Counsel, provision of ongoing training and support to all LGEAP staff as to their obligations under the CCA and the impact of the CCA on their individual areas of responsibility. LGEAP also maintains an effective complaints handling process.

All LGEAP employees are required to maintain a good working knowledge of the CCA and uphold the LGEAP policy of compliance with its requirements. It is the responsibility of all employees to guard against a contravention. A contravention cannot be justified by reason of ignorance, good intentions or a failure to seek advice.

If you have a concern about an LG product or LGEAP's compliance with the law, please contact us on 1300 LG CARE (1300 54 2273).